Montagne di Plastica 

PLastic mountain

Feminists Insha’allah - La Révolution des Femmes | Feriel Ben Mahmoud | 2015

“Montagne di Plastica” (Plastic Mountains) is a documentary focusing on the first ever study on the topic of glaciers plastic pollution. It describes the professional journey of a research team of the University of Milan: a journey through outdoor nights, field research and laboratory analysis. Starting with scientific evidence, the documentary investigates the complex connection between our behaviours and this remote ecosystem that we have always considered uncontaminated.

Greenmotions Filmfestival

Manuel Camia

Land | Jahr | Fassung | Länge
Italien | 2022 | OmeU | 40 Min.

Mi 09.11., 18:00

Kommunales Kino Freiburg
Urachstraße 40
79102 Freiburg

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