freiburger film forum - Festival For Transcultural Cinema


Reihe: freiburger film forum - Festival For Transcultural Cinema
Regie: Maui Druez, Preben Verledens
B 2018 | OmeU | 83 Min.
“Even when I close my eyes, I can hardly remember what my village looks like, but I carry the beauty of Karen state in my mind forever.” Some say the fight of the Karen people against the Myanmar government is the oldest ongoing war of our time. One of its results is the over 400,000 Karen refugees many of whom have fled to the neighbouring country of Thailand, where they live as second class citizens, struggling for proper documents. I AM GOLDEN KAREN tells the story of Thaawa, a young rapper who is part of a generation of Karen who have spent a great part of their lives in Thailand but who long to return home to their motherland, Karen state, in southern Myanmar. We follow Thaawa as he negotiates his identity as a young migrant arriving in Bangkok to becoming a father who questions his responsibilities towards his family and the Karen people.