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Reihe: freiburger film forum - Festival For Transcultural Cinema
Regie: Hannah Ambühl/Pavel Borecký
2018 | OmeU | 71 Min.
von Hannah Ambühl, S, CH 2018, 46 min
The Lule River flows through a part of Sweden that has been populated primarily by the Sami people for thousands of years. The 15 dams that make industrial use of the Lule possible today are owned by the state energy company Vattenfall. In order to build these dams, many Sami, who traditionally live from reindeer herding, were forcibly resettled. This is a story of loss: with the resettlement, more and more ancestral Sami customs have disappeared. What remains is their deep emotional bond with water, as shown in ÄLVEN MIN VÄN, which is a portrait of four women. “Every day, the river flows through me, looking for memories,” says storybook writer Eva Stina Sandling. In wonderful images, director Hannah Ambühl captures these memories and the deep connection of the women with the Lule River. At the same time, the film documents the women’s changing lives and traditions, as well as their lasting feelings of belonging to Sami culture.

von Pavel Borecký, Algeria, Switzerland 2018, 25 min
The film situates the viewer within the makeshift space of an animal market in Algeria. Drifting between feeding and waiting, one attunes to the bodies of goats and camels, two of the oldest companions of people living in the Maghreb. As we move deeper into the desert, the site turns into a sacrifice zone and reveals ist dark geopolitical secrets: the situation of Sahrawi refugees in the partially recognised Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).
This sensory ethnography film encourages to question the banality of displacement, confinement and exploitation in an out-of-sight territory.