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Reihe: freiburger film forum - Festival For Transcultural Cinema
Regie: Elena Friedrich
D, GR, E, TK 2018 | OmeU | 54 Min.
VIOLENCE I (27 min)
Wake up! is the recurrent tag on walls in Athens, Istanbul and Madrid traced as the signs of the political struggles between 2011 and 2015. The film is an essayistic collage and an intent of mapping responses to political events, which lead e.g. to house rents of 600 Euros, in urban space. Tags of protest in capital letters on major monuments, combined and contrasted in form and content. The montage of images of the urban space filled with letters and signs on house facades functions together with the narrator’s voice as a reflection of and an accusation to the public land. Which kind of public - and public sphere - which kind of images, language and narrations do we use and inhabit in order to want to change the world around us?

VIOLENCE II (27 min)
The headlines about the consequences of the economic and social crises but also lack of solidarity seem to have lost their sell: they find little attention in the public discourse. The second part of Elena Friedrich’s series Public Land looks into power dynamics of the public between information and manipulation, control and representation. The self-reflective documentary entangles footage from audio-recordings of discussions from Athens and Madrid with a fictional narration of a man transporting boxes of oranges to the seaside – always with the question in mind, how, in the “society of the spectacle”, alternative narratives can be created and kept alive.