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Reihe: freiburger film forum - Festival For Transcultural Cinema
Regie: Savyasachi Anju Prabir/Shreyas Dasharathe
Indien 2017 | OmeU | 74 Min.
Nestled in the Himalayan range in Uttarakhand, India, the town of Kalap may soon have a road suitable for motorized vehicles. Until then, the village continues to be 10-kilometer walk uphill from the nearest road. The film delves into the lives of the people of Kalap, who for generations have been negotiating their own path for sustainable living, and Kotgaon, a town which is already connected with a passable road. Will easy access to the world beyond bring a gradual shift in social and cultural values across generations? KAHAN KA RAASTA is an immersive journey through time and space into the everyday reality of Kalap and Kotgaon. It transpires at the pace of village life and unveils its many facets.
A house gives us a sense of belonging. It envelops us and protects us. It is a symbol of the time, the culture, and the beings that it inhabits. A house has a unique identity, like a living, breathing being. Each house is different, with its own perks and glitches. WITHERING HOUSE is an observational piece about Maheshbhai, Tarunaben, Ganpatbhai Gajjar and their house. They have been living in a hundred-year-old house for the past 20 years in the heart of Ahmedabad, but now they have decided to move into a new apartment that was made available to them under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme. Are the changing times and circumstances leading towards a strange kind of uniformity under the shadow of ‘urbanism’ and ‘development’? Do traditional structures fail to cater to our changing needs?