freiburger film forum - Festival For Transcultural Cinema


Reihe: freiburger film forum - Festival For Transcultural Cinema
Regie: Marc Sebastian Eils
D, Kamerun 2017 | OmeU | 10 Min.
“They deported me on 7th December. They just said, Mr. Fobasso, you need to go home now.” While fighting to renew his residence status, Demian is unexpectedly handcuffed and put on a plane back to Douala, Cameroon. Stranded in a place that is supposed to be his “home,” he discovers that all of his family has either left or died. By selling used wristwatches, he tries to make a living and get a handle on his new life. Germany lies behind him and is only present in his vocational school certificates (best of his year), old pictures, and memories.
In Marc Sebastian Eils’ short documentary, Demian shares his story and raises questions that are relevant for many people today, but are hardly talked about: What comes after deportation? What happens when your passport – and not your life – determines where your home has to be?

Eröffnungsfilm der students' platform