Greenmotions Filmfestival 2017

Kurzfilmprogramm: Wasted Life / Lake Victoria: Ecosystem in Turmoil

Reihe: Greenmotions Filmfestival 2017

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Wasted Life

Regie: Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat

Garbage coming from our houses which is nothing but waste. This is the notion that has been accepted by everyone. This Documentary wants to change this belief and highlights that this garbage can be converted into useful manure, which can enrich the agricultural productivity. Waste is a resource.Innovative techniques and products are now available to treat the garbage in a healthy way so that the harm it can cause gets minimized.

26 Min.

Lake Victoria: Ecosystem in Turmoil

Regie: Benji Binks

Lake Victoria: An Ecosystem in Turmoil explores how the environmental degradation of Lake Victoria is affecting the people and communities who call the lake and basin their home. Produced with local journalists in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the film features a series of personal stories that reveal how the quest to make a living in the basin is impacting negatively on the lake.

37 Min.