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Ukraine, The Netherlands 2015 / 8 min / DCP / OV with English subtitles
Director, Script: Mariia Ponomarova; Cinematography: Oleksii Kuchma, Mikko Keskiivari, Mariia Ponomarova; Editor: Pedro Collantes; Production: Perfectionist Media Production & Nederlandse Filmacademie; Sound: Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo

"My birthday is the brightest day of my life. My birthday always starts at the cemetery". This is the autobiographical film about perceiving intertwining meanings of life and death that I started to experience from the very beginning of my life – from a day of my birthday. The day that I always started at the grave of my grandpa who worked for KGB. I was lucky (or not) to be born on May 9th – Ukrainian national commemoration day of the WWII. Oblivion and memory, obeying the tradition and the wish to celebrate life – all things had mixed on that graveyard. But once I received a chance to escape from there. (CinéDoc Tblisi)

Russia 2017 / 25 min / DCP / OV with English subtitles

Director, Script, Cinematography: Vladlena Sandu; Editor: Victoria Levitova, Alexandra Bezhenar; Production: Alexei Uchitel, Kira Saksaganskaya, Rock Films LLC; Sound: Dmitry Boyarintsev

"Self-portrait. In 1998 our family came under armed attack. We were able to escape and we fled Grozny. We have been silent about it since". Vladlena Sandu tells an incisive and dignified story about herself, her mother and grandmother, the physical and psychological trauma and the ordinary existence of a refugee, including dog food, homelessness and intensive care. On New Year’s Day Putin pays tribute to the soldiers who are fighting terrorism. (IFFR)

Germany, Austria 2015 / 14 min / DCP / OV with English subtitles
Director: Clara Trischler; Script: Clara Trischler, Sarah-Christin Peter; Cinematography: Anton Hrabovec, Clara Trischler; Editor: Sarah-Christin Peter; Production: Clara Trischler, Norman Dickfeld, Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf & rbb

"But there was a choice: my parents or my children." Through personal film recordings and narrated pieces of memory, the film tells the story of a forced migratory voyage of a Czechoslovakian family to India, Kenya and Austria. The combination of 8mm film fragments and oral recollections of family members not only show a piece of political history through a personal story; the fragile images of a lifetime condensed into a few minutes also tell a story about the act of looking back, about the passing of time and about life itself: home is not a place but a passage.

Spain 2015 / 14 min / DCP / OV
Director, Script, Editing, Production: Florencia Aliberti

“Am I pretty?” When asked online, this banal question opens up a loop of found-footage videos uploaded by teenagers all over the world on the internet. Though the identical dramaturgy of dozens of these videos put together seems amusing at first sight, it intensifies the impression of a deeply alienated mode of self-exposition defined by the specific aesthetics of tutorials, online diaries and confessional videos. While repetitive in genre codes, this mash-up is no longer the representation of individual stories, but gives a condensed picture of current practices of self-exposition, juvenile insecurity and the need for permanent recognition in the Web 2.0.