Der unberechenbare Faktor

The Unpredictable Factor

Feminists Insha’allah - La Révolution des Femmes | Feriel Ben Mahmoud | 2015

Climate change is the most complex global problem that society has ever faced. To overcome this crisis, different perspectives are needed. “The Unpredictable Factor” goes back to the origins of the German environmental movement in Whyl near Freiburg, accompanies today’s activists in the Rhineland in their fight against the coal industry and gives a voice to scientists from climate research, ethnology and psychology.

Greenmotions Filmfestival

Christian Belz

Land | Jahr | Fassung | Länge
Deutschland | 2022 | OmU | 51 Min.

Do 10.11., 18:00

Kommunales Kino Freiburg
Urachstraße 40
79102 Freiburg

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